Can you infer new facts from the existing facts stored in your graph database?

Ontotext provides a complete set of semantic technologies transforming how organizations identify meaning across diverse databases and massive amounts of unstructured data

GraphDB An Enterprise Triplestore with Meaning

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Semantic Technologies Work for Information Retrieval and Content Management

Ontotext provides a complete set of semantic technologies that transform how enterprises identify meaning across diverse databases and massive amounts of unstructured data.

Our customers choose us to help them create more flexible, integrated and holistic view on their data and content assets. With our products – GraphDB and Self-Service Semantic Suit (S4) we save organizations a considerable amount of time and financial resources for data management and text analysis.

Smarter Content Management

Building solutions for a wide variety of industries and different domains of knowledge, we enable enterprises to cross the border between text and data and turn content into smart data pieces, allowing the query of content as if it were data.

With the help of semantic technologies that implement W3C standards, we will be happy to assist you model, link, classify, store, query and make the best use of heterogeneous and evolving data. This in turn will make your content accessible, easy to select, aggregate, measure and analyse, making information retrieval easy and empowering knowledge discovery.

GraphDB is a “Semantic repository”

In essence, GraphDB ™ is a “semantic repository” using ontologies that allow the repository to automatically reason about the data.

GraphDB ™ is the only graph database RDF triplestore that can perform semantic inferencing at scale allowing users to create new semantic facts from existing facts. It handles massive loads, queries and inferencing in real time.

GraphDB works with a flexible and generic physical graph data model allowing for easy interpretation and adoption of new ontologies or metadata on-the-fly. GraphDB™ is a semantic repository, packaged as a storage and inference layer (SAIL) for Sesame. Sesame is one of the most popular semantic repositories that supports RDF(S) and all the major syntaxes and query languages related to it.

Ontotext offers five editions of GraphDB™: Standard, Enterprise, Cloud on AWS, fully managed GraphDB Database-as-a-Service on S4 and GraphDB Lite.

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