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A bright lady with a PhD in Computer Science, Milena's path started in the role of a developer, passed through project and quickly led her to product management. For her a constant source of miracles is how technology supports and alters our behaviour, engagement and social connections.

How Data Integration Joined the Music Hit Charts

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“We are at a crossroads in the music business: with the rise of the internet, the world we live in has changed, and the past is not coming back. But I see the glass as half-full: the internet and social networking are new avenue

Open Data Innovation? Open Your Data And See It Happen.

Open data fosters a culture of creativity and innovation

As more and more companies and startups are creating business and social value out of open data, the open data trend-setting governments and local authorities are not sitting idle and are opening up data sets and actively encouraging citizens, developers, and firms to innovate with open data.

Linked Data Innovation – A Key To Foster Business Growth

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  ‘Data is the new oil’, once said Neelie Kroes,  former Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda, aptly describing how the growing amounts of data are changing businesses and o

Empowering Your Medical Content with the New Healthcare Tagger on the Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4)

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Healthcare Tagger is the Self-Service Semantic Suite’s (S4) new tool for text analysis of various types of medical documents. It makes information extraction of biomedical knowledge quicker and more precise, and ultimately enhances your semantic analysis of medical records.

Linked Data Approach to Smart Insurance Analytics

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In the 17th century, London’s coffee houses were the marketplaces of merchants. Edward Lloyd's coffee house specialized in marine information and when the rise of trade led to a demand for cargo and ship insurance, Lloyd's c

Linked Data Paths To A Smart Tourism Journey

Smart Tourism Journey
Do you know that every day tourists throw coins worth some 3,000 euro into Rome’s iconic Trevi fountain? All the change collected from the fountain - that’s more than one million euro annually - has been going to charity s

Linked Data Pathways To Wisdom

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“Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are fruits; wisdom is knowing not to put them in fruit salads,” said late British columnist Miles Kington. What’s knowledge and what’s wisdom in the information age? How can we leverage

Taking Semantic Web to its next level with Cognitive Computing

Semantic Web Cognitive Computing
Analyst reporting on the tech industry are at times 'too clever by half' when promoting trends or shooting down others when making yearly predictions about the ever evolving field of data analytics. An apt example, is the conside

Open Data Play in Sports Journalism And EURO 2016

Open Data, EURO 2016,  Journalism

Sports writers use datasets to investigate the connections between sport, money, business and power. They are also on the quest to seek truth and transparency, and to back their exclusive stories with solid facts. Open data gives those modern-day Sherlocks the bases of their stories. On the other hand, open data from smart cities and governments also helps fans and journalists get information on stadium capacities, routes to venues, and traffic in cities.

Open Data Sources for Empowering Smart Analytics

Linked Open Data

Finding Open Data sources is a walk in the park: a simple search leads to hundreds of pages of datasets. Governments, NGOs and organizations keep on aggregating and publishing Open Data and more and more businesses and developers use data analytics to gain insights, predict trends and make data-driven decisions.

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