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Teodora is a philologist fascinated by the metamorphoses of text on the Web. Curious about our networked lives, she explores how the Semantic Web vision unfolds, transforming the possibilities of the written word.

The Knowledge Discovery Quest

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Surrounded by millions of bits of information, in today’s digital world we are on a knowledge discovery quest. On this quest semantic search is key. It helps us explore connections and gather information from seemingly disparate

Connectivity, Open Data and A Bag of Chips

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Often considered too technical and hard to implement Linked Open Data is actually not something outside business and free exchange as usual - it is connectivity, but on a data level. Global connectivity transformed the way we

Data Integration: Joining the Data Pieces of Your Business Puzzle

While it is a no-brainer that the better connected and communicating the units of a business, the more competitive, agile and successful it is, when it comes to enterprise data integration, the value of connectivity often remains

Cooking Up the Semantic Web

How is the Semantic Web vision unfolding and what does it take for the Web to fully reach its potential and evolve from a Web of Documents to a Web of Data through universal data representation standards.

Semantic Search: The Paradigm Shift from Results to Relationships

Relationships between keywords
“Sorry, no content matched your criteria” is probably one of the most frustrating messages we can get after a search in the times when more and more of the world’s information is supposed to be at our fingertips, seeming

A Web of People and Machines: W3C Semantic Web Standards

Weaving the web

How and why Semantic Web Standards are to serve the Web of Data for better collaboration between people through computers. The technology standards of the Semantic Web enable more and more enterprises, application builders and information retrieval systems to handle data in cost-effective and agile manner.

Thinking Outside the Table

Outside the tables there lie another paths which enable managing highly connected data, working with complex queries and having readily available relationships, without the need to express them explicitly. These are the paths of a graph database.

Our Networked Lives, Publishing and Semantic Technologies

Rich, absorbing stories, news, reports, insightful researches, scientific materials and all the other stocks of trade of publishing now heavily depend on the ability of a publisher to handle data in an interconnected way, allowing for the many permutations of content.

In broad strokes, semantics is what makes possible to enrich resources with additional information (metadata), attaching machine-processable and readable meaning to them.

Why Graph Databases Make a Better Home for Interconnected Data Than the Relational Databases?

With the advancements in computing technologies and the increasing processing power of machines, the necessity to shoehorn data into predefined structures is being gradually replaced by the ability to build models that can accommo

Text, Data and the Roman Roads: Semantic Enrichment

What do you think is the common thread between the Great Roman Empire and your Great scientific research, journalistic report or financial analysis? In a word, it is interconnectedness. In a sentence, these are the paths tha
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