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Ontotext provides a complete set of semantic technologies including text mining and GraphDB™, an RDF triplestore that performs inferencing at scale.

Ontotext CompanyLaunched in 2000 as part of Sirma Group, Ontotext is a leading software provider of semantic technology.  Ontotext is jointly owned by Sirma, NEVEQ Capital and company employees.  Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, Ontotext also operates offices in London, and Northern Virginia with partners around the world. Originally, Ontotext technology was rooted in on-going research taking place across a broad set of areas including Natural Language Processing, information retrieval, ontology design, linked data management and the application of reasoning to infer knowledge. Over 400 person-years in extensive research and development matured into commercial grade products used by hundreds of customers worldwide.  The foundation for discovery is the Ontotext RDF triplestore, GraphDB™ (formerly OWLIM).   Complementing this high performance engine is a suite of semantic tools that make up the Ontotext Semantic Platform for curation, data integration and enrichment.   On top of that platform are enterprise grade solutions for Media & Publishing, Life Sciences, Government, Cultural Heritage and other industries. Our engineering team continues to be involved in W3C projects powering the development of the Web.   The company’s researchers have more than 100 published  articles in journals and international events.

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Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, Ontotext also has offices in Washington, DC and London. Contact Ontotext by calling 866-972-6686 (ONTO) toll free in the US.   Call our headquarters in EMEA at +359 2 974 61 60.   You can also e-mail us at info@ontotext.com or sales@ontotext.com.   Dial 443-253-6810 to reach our Washington, DC office directly.

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