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BNR Interview with Kiryakov
Linking Data Is the Magic that Makes Things Interesting: An interview with Ontotext’s CEO Atanas Kiryakov

In an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio, Mr. Kiryakov shared more about what it takes to be one of the hundred outstanding challengers from Central and Eastern Europe and how Ontotext with the help of semantic technologies is transforming the landscape of information and knowledge management.

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Ontotext Plays Key Role in euBusinessGraph Project to integrate, harmonize and publish data about European companies

Ontotext is playing a key role in the EU-funded euBusinessGraph cross-border project, aimed at creating a platform to integrate, harmonize and publish data about European companies.

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Ontotext’s GraphDB Obtains EU-Wide Trade Mark Registration

Ontotext is proud to announce that the European Union Intellectual Property Office has just registered its GraphDB semantic graph database as a European Union Trade Mark (EUTM). The EU-wide registration of GraphDB builds upon the trade mark for Germany that Ontotext has had so far and is valid for a number of years, until August 20, 2024.

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Ontotext Becomes a Member of the DBpedia Association

Ontotext has joined the DBpedia Association, which was founded in 2014 to support DBpedia and its global community. Ontotext has already been involved in a number of initiatives but now, being a member of the Association, it will further support DBpedia’s mission to provide important, freely accessible and reusable data for both research and commercial purposes.

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