Meet The Ontotext Team

If you are wondering who are the semantics masterminds behind Ontotext, here’s a little something for you: contagiously enthusiastic, intimidatingly bright and relentlessly driven. This is the Ontotext team.

We make miracles together with a few simple rules in mind: respecting each other, keeping our promises and delivering outstanding work.

To make sure we onboard the best and the brightest, every year we take part in a student hackathon called Best Engineering Week. We offer students a semantics challenge and, guess what, we hire the winners.

Based all over the world, we fully embraces geographic irrelevance and like to think of ourselves as digital nomads. Creative minds simply need space, diversity and inspiration to deliver that level of agility we’re capable of.

When we do get together in one place, though, magic happens. After all, who can resist insiders semantic jokes over delicious food? And let’s not forget the office shooting games…

Besides being supernaturally fond of semantics, our people are no strangers to testing their limits with extreme sports, hiking, dancing and motorcycles.

Semantic Superheroes

Desislava Hristova

Senior Software Developer

Ivaylo Kabakov

Senior Software Engineer

Makes professional negotiation process a child game

Petar Ivanov, Innovation & Consultancy Services

Petar Ivanov

Junior Consultant

Makes our world simpler with trainings and consulting services

Valentin Zhikov

Senior developer

No worries about technology complexity for this guy, as he’s making text analysis as easy as driving a limo (aka windows)

Nikola Petrov

Senior software engineer

Nikola brings best coding practices to art

Krasimira Bozhanova

Junior software developer

Reneta Popova

Manager Technical Information & Manual Annotation

Orlin Nikolov

JAVA Developer

Joana Tabet

Marketing & Sales Associate

Jarred McGinnis

Independent Consultant

Tha language we speak and our computers understand

Ivelina Nikolova, Senior NLP Engineer

Ivelina Nikolova


Iveto works hard on developing progressively extended interdependent text analytics rules to extract connection between persons much easier

Hristina Murhova

Office assistant

The smile of the administration team

Iva Mechkunova

Marketing & Sales Associate

Gergana Petkova

Expert Tech Information

А picture is worth a thousand words but she is still trying to write technical documentation

Neli Hateva

Neli Hateva

Junior Java Developer

Always very polite and smiling

Milena Yakova

HR Business Partner

Andrey Tagarev

Junior Developer

The newest machine learning enthusiast in the team.

Andrey Avramov


Alex Popov

Senior Developer

Sovles NLP problems with fantasy

Vladimir Alexiev

Lead of Data and Ontology Management group

Feels like he can easily remember all knowledge in the Knowledge Bases he works with. If there’s no Internet, ask Vlado.

Philip Alexiev

Senior Developer

Leads the dance of text analysis

Yanica Sharkova


Almost feels like the rain stops when she passes by

Nikolay Krustev

Sales Engeneer

Probably the best basketball player in the company

Diliana Angelova

Graphic Designer

… and many more shy people

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