GraphDB Free Edition Now Available in the Cloud

GraphDB Free by Ontotext

Earlier in December Ontotext announced the newest member of the GraphDB family – the Free edition of our semantic graph database. GraphDB Free is a fully functional RDF graph database (triplestore) and its only limitation is that it can handle no more than two concurrent queries. GraphDB Free includes all the advanced features of GraphDB Standard that make it more than a plain RDF triplestore and put it ahead of the competition: patent-pending inference implementation, geo-spatial indices, owl:sameAs optimization for more efficient integration of linked data, comprehensive full-text-search integration and many others

GraphDB Free is a perfect starting point for proof-of-concept prototypes that utilise a semantic graph database – it is a native 100% Java based RDF database, with full SPARQL 1.1 support, plus support for graph traversal via Gremlin

GraphDB Free on the AWS Marketplace

To make it even easier for developers to get started with GraphDB Free, we’ve made it available in the Cloud via the AWS Marketplace – developers can now deploy a free semantic graph database in the Cloud with just a few clicks

GraphDB Free on AWS Marketplace

In order to cover a wide range of use cases, GraphDB Free can be deployed in the AWS Cloud on a variety of hardware configurations:

EC2 instance type Virtual cores RAM (GB) EC2 cost ($/hour) data volume estimate (triples)
T2.small 1 2 0.026 50 million
T2.medium 2 4 0.052 200 million
T2.large 2 8 0.104 500 million
R3.large 2 15 0.175 1 billion
R3.xlarge 4 30.5 0.35 2 billion
R3.2xlarge 8 61 0.70 4 billion

Note that the GraphDB Free software is free and developers will pay only for the EC2 resources they utilize on the AWS cloud, only for as long as the GraphDB Free instance is running – if the instance is stopped or terminated, then there’s no ongoing charges. This makes it easy for developers to reduce the cost of prototyping with GraphDB.

Another advantage of running GraphDB Free on the AWS Cloud is that it is easy to re-deploy the database on a bigger EC2 instance, whenever the data or query volume grows and more resources (RAM or CPU cores) are required.

A Fully Managed Database-as-a-Service via S4

In addition to the self-managed databases in the Cloud, available via the AWS Marketplace, Ontotext provides a fully managed semantic graph database-as-a-service as well, via the Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4). Developers can use a variety of DBaaS options – from 10 million triples up to a billion triples – without the need to configure, operate and maintain the database instances – everything is managed and taken care of by the S4 platform on behalf of the developers

Next Steps

If you haven’t already done so – check out the setup & configuration documentation for GraphDB in the Cloud, get your own GraphDB Free instance via the AWS Marketplace and start building your Smart Data prototypes

Marin Dimitrov

Marin Dimitrov

CTO at Ontotext
As the technological captain of Ontotext, he is leading the company on the right tech route and reserving our spot on the map of the world. His sharp mind can explain complex things in a simple way, making him an invaluable resource in semantics. Marin is a frequent speaker on semantic conferences and open data meetups at various technology related events.
Marin Dimitrov

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