Introducing NOW – Live Semantic Showcase by Ontotext

What is NOW


After years of helping some of the most recognizable names in news publishing, we have come to understand there is a need across the industry for more intelligent and dynamic publishing workflows. NOW by Ontotext is a showcase for a number of powerful semantic-driven technologies that helps publisher realize their vision of dynamic digital news publishing. More importantly, we understand news organizations that are more accustomed to the world of print face challenges in adapting to these new publishing approaches. Behind NOW is the Ontotext Dynamic Semantic Publishing platform – a suite of configurable front and back end applications that can be configured for a broad spectrum of publishing needs.


Why is NOW Useful

Study after study has shown that for publishers, customers are increasingly ‘digital-native’ consumers of content. This creates difficulties for publishers whose workflows have been built, for decades (if not centuries), around a print-first world. Our dynamic publishing platform uses semantics and metadata to more easily reach those digital native customers.

Discover new and interesting news, aggregated from various sources with the Ontotext news service. Enjoy their enriched content with key annotations such as people, organizations, locations, relationships between them.

What Can You Do With NOW

Improve Authoring workflow by:

  • Finding relevant assets as you type.
  • Showing key and related entities, topics, categories and concepts.
  • Delivering important ‘go-and-get’ facts of key people, organizations and places a story mentions.
  • Creating higher value content at the same cost

Improve Editorial Processes by:

  • Enabling the (semi)-automated curation and enrichment of concepts
  • Providing complex query driven publishing templates to simplify search and discovery
  • Dynamic re-purposing and reuse
  • New publishing products with the same content

Improve Publication and Products by:

  • Dynamic and intelligent metadata-driven products
  • Adaptive content streams
  • Semantics driven trend analytics
  • Behavior driven personal asset streams


Try NOW for yourself and let us now what you think in the comments section below.

Jarred McGinnis

Jarred McGinnis

Jarred McGinnis is a managing consultant in Semantic Technologies. Previously he was the Head of Research, Semantic Technologies, at the Press Association, investigating the role of technologies such as natural language processing and Linked Data in the news industry. Dr. McGinnis received his PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh in 2006.
Jarred McGinnis

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