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euBusinessGraph represents a key initiative to simplify and disrupt the cross-border and cross-lingual collection, reconciliation, aggregation, and provisioning and analytics of company-related data from authoritative and non-authoritative public or private sector sources, with the aim of enabling cross-sectorial innovation. By a combination of large companies, SMEs, public organizations, and technology transfer providers, euBusinessGraph sets the foundations of a European cross-border and cross-lingual “business graph”, aggregating, linking, and provisioning (open and non-open) high-quality company-related data, demonstrating innovation across sectors where company-related data value chains are relevant.

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In 2010, the inventor of the World Wide Web and the creator and advocate of the Semantic Web and Linked Data, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, suggested a 5-star deployment scheme for Linked Open Data. The rating begins at one star and data gets stars when proprietary formats are removed and links are added.

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Petar Ivanov

Graph Analytics are a critical component in supporting business strategy. They can help you target content with pinpoint accuracy; identify potential new lifesaving treatments; flag possible fraudulent activities; or predict future behavior.

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Pavel Mihaylov, Head of GraphDB DevEx

The new Workbench also introduces OntoRefine – a powerful new feature that enables you to transform legacy tabular data to RDF and directly load it in your GraphDB repository, using simple SPARQL queries and a virtual endpoint.

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FactForge – Open Data and News about People, Organizations and Locations FactForge.net is a hub of Linked Open Data (LOD) and news articles about people, organizations and locations. It includes more than 1 billion facts from popular…

December 13, 2016

Large textual collections are precious source of information which are hard to organise and access due to their heterogeneous nature. With the help of text mining and text analytics we can facilitate the information extraction that mines this hidden knowledge.

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Petar Ivanov

Semantic Technologies offer a broad range of advantages for data scientists, analysts and engineers – flexible “schema-late” data modelling, automated knowledge discovery, access to colossal linked open data resources, to name a few. Moreover, for businesses, both small and large, those advantages translate into seamless data integration, management and enrichment.

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Petar Ivanov

A major challenge for today’s enterprises is data integration: how to effectively leverage the data available both in structured and unstructured form. This webinar will guide you through the process of data integration, creating one unified data layer from heterogeneous distributed data.

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SPARQL, pronounced ‘sparkle’, is the standard query language and protocol for Linked Open Data on the web or in a semantic graph database (also called RDF triplestore). SPARQL, short for “SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language”, enables users to…

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The project’s aim is to provide a comprehensive Web Service Modeling Framework (WSMF), define a Web Service discovery framework and provide a scalable Web Service mediation platform. In addition to WSMF, SWWS is compliant with the Web Service Modeling Ontology and Language (WSMO/WSML).

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