LDBC – The Linked Data Business Council
The Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC) aims to establish industry cooperation between vendors of RDF and Graph database technologies in developing, endorsing, and publishing reliable and insightful benchmark results.


The main objective of the Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC) is the development of benchmarks for different technology areas including core data management (query processing, query optimisation, transactions), graph analysis, and data integration and reasoning. More specifically, LDBC aims at the:

  • Development of new benchmarks that will spur research & industry progress in large-scale graph and RDF data management. This includes setting challenges that will lead to significant progress in
    • scalability, storage, indexing and query optimization techniques for RDF and graph database solutions beyond Terabyte scales.
    • quantitatively and qualitatively assess different solutions for data integration
    • computationally cheaper reasoning in RDF database systems.
  • Establishment of an industry-neutral entity (the LDBC foundation) for developing graph and RDF benchmarks, auditing benchmark results, and publishing audited results.

For more information visit the LDBC Web Site  or the LDB Council Organization Web Site

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