Knowledge Path Series: 8. GraphDB Connectors

Add Value to GraphDB™ with Enhanced Search Connectors

Did you know that GraphDB™ Enterprise Edition comes with Connectors for Lucene, SOLR and ElasticSearch?  These Connectors provide extremely fast keyword and faceted (aggregation) searches that are typically implemented by an external component or service, but have the additional benefit of staying automatically up-to-date with the GraphDB™ repository data.

The Connectors provide synchronization at the entity level, where an entity is defined as having a unique identifier (URI) and a set of properties and property values. In terms of RDF, this corresponds to a set of triples that have the same subject. In addition to simple properties (defined by a single triple), the Connectors support property chains. A property chain is defined as a sequence of triples where each triple’s object is the subject of the subsequent triple.

Core Features

  • Creation & maintenance of an index that is always in sync with the data stored in GraphDB™
  • Multiple independent instances per repository
  • Synchronize entities defined by:
    • list of fields (on the Lucene, SOLR & Elasticsearch side) and property chains (on the GraphDB™ side) whose values to sync
    • list of rdf:type’s of entities to sync
    • list of languages to sync (default is all languages)
    • additional filtering by property and value
  • Full-Text search using native Lucene, SOLR & Elasticsearch queries
  • Snippet extraction: highlighting of search terms in the search result
  • Faceted search
  • Sorting by any preconfigured field
  • Paging of results using offset and limit

We’re hopeful that these insights into GraphDB™ Search Connectors have been of use.  Please contact us if you have questions about this or any other topic during your evaluation.

A complete tutorial on creating, configuring and dropping a connector can be found by visiting one of the following links:

Lucene Connector     SOLR Connector     Elasticsearch Connector

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