LarKC – The Large Knowledge Collider – a platform for massive distributed incomplete reasoning.

The driving vision behind LarKC is to go beyond the limited storage and inference solutions currently available for semantic computing.

Contact: Vassil Momtchev

Project Objectives

  • Enriching the current logic-based Semantic Web reasoning methods with methods from information retrieval, machine learning, information theory, databases, and probabilistic reasoning
  • Employing cognitively inspired approaches and techniques such as spreading activation, focus of attention, reinforcement,etc
  • Building a distributed reasoning platform and realizing it both on a high-performance computing cluster and via “computing at home”

LarKC is funded as an Information and Communication technologies Project under European Commission 7th FP with a budget around 7.3M euros. It started April 2008 and runs for 3 years. LarKC is coordinated by UIBK, Austria

Ontotext’s Role

  • Semantic Integration for Early Clinical Development
  • Definition and validation of goals and metrics for the LarKC platform
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