Recording – Behind the Powerful Searches and Data Visualization in Graph Database

GraphDB - a semantic graph database

This webinar has been recorded and available on demand.

Looking at data as a set of entities and connections between them (also called graphs) creates multiple possibilities for exploring and viewing it from any point of interest, supporting any kind of domain.

  • If you are new to graph databases, this webinar will help you overcome the initial learning burden and have a quick start*.
  • If you are experienced in this field, you will benefit from advanced topics such as using the GraphDB Connectors to provide full-text search and aggregations, as well as visualising data in novel ways through the GraphDB Workbench.

Come back next week for a recording of this webinar and learn a number of practical steps on how to set up your database, how to import, query and browse data in addition to various tip and tricks for full-text search, aggregations and data visualization via GraphDB Connectors and GraphDB Workbench.

*All example queries as well as the dataset are included in the email you will receive upon request for access.

Pavel Mihaylov, Head of GraphDB DevEx

Your experienced tour guide throughout the session is Pavel Mihaylov, Ontotext Head of GraphDB DevEx.

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