Recording – Choosing the Right Graph Database to Succeed in Your Project

Right graphDB choice webinar

This webinar has been recorded and available on demand.

Graph databases are hot because they tell a story. Natively expressed relations help many technical project managers and data architects to quickly achieve their goals.

There are different graph databases both as functional, as well as deployment capabilities. And the choice you make at the beginning may affect the success of your project at the end.

This webinar focuses on the five most important criteria you should consider when choosing a graph database:

  1. What benefits can the graph database bring to your project
    • Typical use cases and most optimal data management solutions
  2. What kind of data can be stored in it
    • Data modelling and usage of third party datasets
  3. How do you want to explore your data
    • Query capabilities
  4. How does the database fit into your system
    • Integration cost, scalability and ecosystem of tools
  5. Who will manage your database
    • Deployment, support, upgrade and infrastructure cost

At the end of the webinar you will walk away with a check-list of what to watch for while choosing a graph database. Complementary you will get an overview of the typical use cases of semantic graph databases ( i.e. heterogeneous data integration and “360 view” of enterprise data, information discovery, content enrichment and metadata management), and a map for a safe choice between flavours of one of the leading semantic graph databases – GraphDB by Ontotext – from free edition and single-node deployments to high-availability clusters and fully managed database-as-a-service in the Cloud.

Marin Dimitrov, CTO of Ontotext

As the tech captain of Ontotext, Marin Dimitrov closely follows the technology trends. His sharp mind can explain complex things in a simple way, making him an invaluable resource in big data world. Marin is a frequent speaker on conferences, meetups and other technology related events.

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