Recording – Creating Actionable Insights from Your Life Sciences and Healthcare Data

Life sciences and healthcare organizations such as pharmaceutical companies, clinicians and providers sit on mountains of structured and unstructured information. Understanding this data can be the key to faster diagnoses, new and better therapies, as well as more efficient and effective treatments. Data is often spread out across the enterprise and must be integrated in order to analyze it and discover hidden actionable insights. Results must be contextualized in order to quickly identify and locate relevant information.

In this recorded webinar, listen to Vassil Momtchev, head of Ontotext Insights Platform as he discusses the application of semantic technology in life science and healthcare data. Vassil covers three use cases which are commonly applied in this domain:

  • Data Modeling – Utilizing ontologies when creating text mining algorithms for better results.
  • Data Mining – Processing complex business documents to extract knowledge from unstructured data.
  • Data Fusion – Semantic integration of internal life sciences, health care and clinical data along with publicly available data sources.

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