Recording – Does Pouring More Data Into Your System Make It Smarter?


This webinar has been recorded and available on demand.

Being smart is more than just remembering facts. It’s true for humans as much as it’s true for information systems. The ability to derive new information from an initial fact set is one of the most important features of smart systems. In this practical webinar we’ll show you how pouring more data to your system can actually make it smarter.

From data integration standpoint:

We will explain a data integration approach that builds relationships between objects. LInked data, as it’s often being referred,  allows you not only to see data in a better way, but also to easily  enrich it with more data  – proprietary and open data sets.

From system development standpoint:

What makes your system smarter are newly build connections which would not be obvious without an RDF graph database. We are going to dive deeper in the subject and give you an example with a topic from our own data sets.

Why is this usefull?

  • Helps you understand the connections in your data
  • Improves data visualization and pattern recognition capabilities
  • Adds a layer of meaning (semantic metadata) to you data
  • Enables you to discovers new connections and build new facts with inferencing

Pavel Mihaylov, Head of GraphDB DevEx

Join Ontotext’s Head of GraphDB DevEx – Pavel Mihaylov to learn what is new in GraphDB 7 and how that benefits you as a user. He will focus on the main improvement points and hurdles that team has faced to illustrate the problems they solved.

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