Recording – Semantic Publishing for News & Media

Enhancing Content and Audience Engagement

News and media publishers are confronted with a massive amount of competitors across channels.  They face dual challenges including providing the most comprehensive, current information while generating and delivering news content in a highly efficient manner. Overcoming these challenges leads to highly engaged users and lower costs. Complete content brings its own set of challenges. The audience must be able to quickly locate the exact information they are looking for; the publisher must be able to recommend highly relevant content to the audience, content that adapts to the changing needs of the audience.

Borislav Popov, head of Ontotext Media & Publishing will show you how news & media publishers can use semantic publishing technology to more efficiently generate content while increasing audience engagement through personalisation and recommendations. This webinar will discuss how publishers can:

  • apply semantic technology to contemporary news and media publishing workflows
  • make use of contextual authoring – automatic recommendations of relevant content and data to the journalist
  • automatically enrich content with categories, topics and concepts
  • curate semantic metadata for continuous improvement of text analytics quality
  • define dynamic topic pages and other aggregate content products
  • personalise content based on user behaviour profiling

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