Recording – Improve Content Discovery and Recommendation with Cloud AWS

fast content enrichment

This webinar has been recorded and available on demand.

Manage your content with automated curation

Whether their underlying base are editors selecting worthy news pieces manually or automated machines, recommendation engines have become such an ingrained part of our digital lives that it is hard to imagine reading the morning news without relying on them. However, context specific recommendation engines are still having a challenge and this is where enrichment comes to help.Even with hype builders such as Spotify, Amazon and Netflix, whose businesses have been directly impacted by the quality of recommendations, we have a long road ahead.

Semantic enrichment adds one necessary layer of complexity to recommendation engines that enables content publishers to better manage their digital assets and ultimately deliver a context-specific user experience.

To demonstrate how semantic enrichment can work for your enterprise, we’ll show you how to quickly prototype with Ontotext’s Dynamic Semantic Publishing platform on AWS, using your own content. You’ll get a chance to explore the benefits of using semantic technology for content navigation, aggregation, search and recommendations.

Stephan Enev

Stefan Enev – Manager of SAS Division

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