Recording – GraphDB Clusters for Everyone

The RDF database is the foundation of all semantic solutions. This webinar will cover the basics how to configure SPARQL endpoints with high-availability and scalability by using GraphDB Enterprise Edition.

In this practical session you will get to learn:

  • How RDF database clusters operate, what is partition tolerance, split brain, transaction logs.
  • Fundamental design principles behind GraphDB cluster and the different supported topologies.
  • Execute common administrative operations like replication, rolling upgrades, backup and restore.

After this webinar you will have a common understanding of the building blocks of a distributed RDF database and how they are implemented in GraphDB. You will know the standard cluster topologies and the existing mechanisms for their synchronization and administration.

Vassil Momtchev, Ontotext Chief Solution Architect and Manager of the GraphDB Support and Services

The interactive discussion is lead by Vassil Momtchev, Manager of GraphDB Support & Services Team.

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