Recording – GraphDB 7.0: Maximize the Value of Your Enterprise With the Public Shared Knowledge


This webinar has been recorded and available on demand.

Context is everything! What created context for data? Interlinked data, It is already a mainstream approach for online search engines like Google (Knowledge Graph) and Microsoft’s Bing (Satori Knowledge Base).

The biggest challenge in today’s enterprise world is to extract insights and knowledge from huge amount of silos data. In contrast, the data savvy companies use the concept of “knowledge base” – the approach that interlinks data facts and achieves contextual awareness.

In this webinar we will show how to easily create and explore knowledge bases of various complexity, and how to assess their impact and value for your enterprise.

If knowledge base is a new concept for you, this webinar will give you sufficient amount of initial knowledge to have a quick start.
If you are experienced in this field, you will get the chance to extend your toolbox with powerful yet simple visual tools for advanced data exploration such as: understanding data hierarchies and coverage; investigation of data class connectivity; and assisted query access to data facts.

Head of GraphDB DevEx

Join Ontotext’s Head of GraphDB DevEx – Pavel Mihaylov to learn what is new in GraphDB 7 and how that benefits you as a user. He will focus on the main improvement points and hurdles that team has faced to illustrate the problems they solved.

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