Recording – Analysing Text and Images: Getting More Insight out of Web Content with S4

The Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4) provides an integrated platform for on-demand Smart Data management. With S4 developers get instant access to various capabilities for text analytics, knowledge graphs and an RDF graph database-as-a-service in the Cloud. By providing an easily and instantly accessible set of services, the S4 platform enables faster and cheaper prototyping of applications for Smart Data analytics. This Ontotext webinar will provide an update on the various new features and improvements in the S4 platform. It will also include an in-depth look at the newly available image analytics capability, provided in cooperation with Imagga. The Imagga Image Tagging API extends the text analytics and categorization capabilities of S4 with image tagging and categorization, so that even more insight can be extracted from web pages.

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Featuring Ontotext CTO, Marin Dimitrov (Twitter: @marin_dim), and guest speaker Georgi Kadrev, CEO of Imagga (Twitter: @imagga) this session will address the following topics:

  • New features and improvements of the RDF graph database-as-a-service on the S4 platform
  • The new Python SDK for S4
  • The new image tagging and categorization feature, integrated with the S4 text analytics services
  • Technical details on the Image Tagging API by Imagga (from our guest speaker Georgi Kadrev)
  • Product roadmap and new features currently in development

About the Presenters

Marin Dimitrov, CTO of Ontotext

Marin has deep expertise in text mining, linked open data and the application of semantic technology in the cloud. In his his early years at Ontotext, Mr. Dimitrov managed a variety of projects covering a broad spectrum of semantic technology: The Semantic Web, Meta Data Management, Linked Data, Business Process Management and Text Analytics. Today, Marin leads the Cloud Computing applications of Ontotext, the Self Service Semantic Suite (S4) and GraphDB Cloud.

Georgi Kadrev, CEO of Imagga

Georgi Co-Founded Imagga Ltd. in 2008 and serves as its Managing Director and CEO. Mr. Kadrev has a long lasting passion and extensive experience with regards to image analysis and its many applications. His first pet project, Easy Morphing, was dedicated to image transformations and morphing, winning many national student awards in Bulgaria from 2001 to 2003. In August 2008, he founded Imagga Ltd aiming to popularize image recognition and demonstrate its potential to transform several industries.

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