Recording – Metadata Enrichment in Publishing: Boosting Productivity and Increasing User Engagement

Today’s publishers are creating more content than ever in different formats. Whether it is text, video or audio managing digital content has never been more important while metadata becomes one of the key tools for publisher to manage content across their value chains. Today’s metadata goes far beyond simply tracking common information such as author, date, title and subject. The metadata creates most value for our clients when they “describe their content across the supply chain to drive its organisation, transformational workflows and discoverability,” observed Ilian Uzunov, Sales Director CEMEAA of Ontotext. The greater the detail in your metadata, the more you can do with your content including tying together disconnected data sources, repurposing or monetising existing content and increasing engagement by providing relevant content recommendations.

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Not all metadata is the same. The most valuable metadata represents your content the way both humans and intelligent machines might look at it. That is where semantic enrichment comes into play. By automating the generation of an additional layer of information on top of existing text publishers can create “enriched metadata.”


“With enriched metadata publishers are able to automate many processes such as packaging and delivering of digital content products across multiple channels, and improving user experience with these products the via delivering of more personalised, engaging and timely content,” said Georgi D. Georgiev, Head of Text Analytics of Ontotext. As an example, many publishers still rely on large teams of editors to manage digital offerings. With semantically enriched metadata publishers can cut costs on repetitive work and better focus the time of their editorial teams that result in more sustainable and scalable operational model.

In this webinar we will talk about how automated metadata enrichment works. We will also discuss how enriched metadata better helps publishers to:

  • Empower automation and workflows and increase productivity
  • Enhance discoverability to better expose and potentially monetize existing content
  • Drive user engagement by recommending timely, relevant content before the user even knows they are looking for it.


Ilian Uzonov – Sales Director CEMEAA

Ilian has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of publishing, education, e-learning, contemporary ways for management and presentation of cultural heritage. Prior to Ontotext, Mr. Uzunov founded Sirma Media in 2002 and in 2008 spun it off as an independent company. Ilian managed to position Sirma Media among the major players in the fields of e-learning and modern presentation of cultural heritage in Bulgaria, accomplishing some of the most innovative and challenging nation-wide projects in these two domains. Mr. Uzunov is extremely enthusiastic about the ways in which semantic technology could be harnessed for the sake of better and more efficient publishing, learning and teaching.

Georgi D. Georgiev, PhD – Head of Text Analytics Division

Dr. Georgi Georgiev has specialized in advanced text analytics with a focus on machine learning based models and overall software architectures and solution methodologies for enterprise level semantic annotation and search solutions for publishing and media organisations. Georgiev leads the text analysis product development and professional services at Ontotext and manages semantic publishing solutions for organizations such as the BBC, the PressAssociation, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (the IET) and more. He has a strong commitment to combine research and development excellence with productive commercial and public sector semantic oriented solutions. His interests include machine learning product development and adaptation, team leadership, enterprise software architectures, and contemporary management techniques.

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