Recording – Text Mining and Knowledge Graphs in the Cloud

This Ontotext webinar is designed to provide a summary of the value of Semantic Technology for smarter data management, as well as a brief technical introduction to the Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4) by Ontotext, which provides on-demand capabilities in the Cloud for text analytics, RDF data management and access to knowledge graphs. Featuring Ontotext CTO, Marin Dimitrov (Twitter: @marin_dim), this session will address important questions including:

  • How can organizations utilize Semantic Technology for getting more value from data?
  • Why did Ontotext create the Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4)?
  • What are the main capabilities of S4?
  • Practical examples of using various S4 services
  • What is the S4 roadmap and what new features will be available throughout the 1st half of 2015?

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