Live Online Training: What is a Successful Semantic Technology Proof-of-Concept

A Proof-of-Concept is a necessary step in every project’s development, especially in projects that are about to adopt a complex and heavy tool into their organizational value chain. Showing the value of Semantic Technology very early on then becomes vital when building trust.

With our live online training we strive to make technical and business people feel comfortable in their understanding of the capabilities of Semantic Technology and guide them further in the adoption.

Ivelina, one of Ontotext’s leading NLP engineers and also an instructor of this training, discusses briefly our understanding of a successful Proof-of-Concept, and why we would rather talk about Proof-of-Value.

Ivelina Nikolova

Ivelina Nikolova

Senior NLP Engineer at Ontotext
Ivelina Nikolova has experience in various projects for semantic textual enrichment and document classification. Her main expertise is in the area of information extraction such as named entity recognition, event recognition and relation extraction with state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques.
Ivelina Nikolova

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