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Online Training 4- Designing Semantic Technology Proof-of-Concept

With our “Designing Semantic Technology Proof-of-Concept: The live online training that will help you deliver a successful project” approaching, we thought you would like to hear what people who already attended it in December and February thought about it.

Just to remind you briefly, this time we have 3 price packages: for business, academic staff and groups of over 3 people.

The training is well suited for product managers, system architects, developers and academic researchers and during the live sessions our experts will take you through the basics of semantic technology in order to help you build a successful PoC with it.

How did the previous group like it? Here is what some of them shared.

Jianhan Zhu, Data developer Parliamentary Digital Service

Jianhan Zhu, Data Developer, Parliamentary Digital Service

“The training is overall very helpful to get me familiar with GraphDB quickly. The training can help me understand important semantic web and ontology concepts and knowledge, and understand how to utilize and implement the knowledge in GraphDB.

The two pre-webinar training introduces semantic web knowledge and then gave me the chance to tackle 12 exercises to get familiar with the learned knowledge. The pre-training helps build a solid foundation for using GraphDB and the webinar.

The webinar is very good to introduce OntoRefine for batch generating triples to be inserted into GraphDB, and query the data to get insight. Then an exercise is asking the participants to carry out a similar task.

The webinar is overall helpful to get me started with real world tasks. I think that a justification of why to use OntoRefine would be good. It would be helpful to cover other real world tasks for inserting and updating data. Are there other tools for doing these tasks?

I would also like to know how to maintain the data consistency and integrity, how to find and deal with bad or inconsistent data, and how to measure the quality of data etc. An introduction to connectors would also be helpful. Overall, many thanks for your training!”

Mithun K.M., Project Lead Impelsys

Mithun K.M., Project Lead, Impelsys

Designing Semantic Technology PoC with GraphDB Training” was conducted on Dec 13, 2016. It was a detailed session covering various features of GraphDB. It also included few hands-on exercises on SPARQL queries. Session was detailed and had enough time to try out exercises during the session.

We also got practical exposure of RDFising the data and importing it to GraphDB repository using OntoRefine tool, this tool is used for converting tabular data into RDF and has been integrated with GraphDB 8.

The pre-training materials were very useful in understanding the basic concepts of the ontology world.

I would recommend this session to anyone who is looking for practical exposure to Semantics, ontologies, RDFising the data and building of Data sets.

Sreejith K, Team Lead, Impelsys

We had undergone an excellent training on introduction to semantic technology, and this gave a deep insight to RDF, ontologies and GraphDB’s behaviour and semantic technology. The training materials, online training and POC’s were excellent. Thanks to Ontotext for giving such a training.

Mikhail Reyderman, Software Engineer, Dun & Bradstreet

The training demonstrates a clear path between flat data sources and a useful knowledge graph.

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