Live Online Training: What You Will Learn

Live Online Training: What You Will Learn

One reason that drives people away from direct application of Semantic Technology is that it is often considered too technical and hard to implement. While somewhat true (technical expertise is necessary, which we’ll discuss in more details in a future post), this is also misguided. There is simply a lack of organized, consistent resources focused on practical knowledge.

This is one challenge we want to address with Ontotext’s live, online training. It is meant to help people in their understanding, both technical and non-technical, of how Semantic Technology operates, so that they can put it to a good use.

What you will learn

In the training, we will take a look at the broad range of advantages of SemTech such as integration of dynamic data from virtually unlimited sources, flexible data modeling, automated knowledge discovery, data integration with Linked Open Data resources. By subscribing for this training you will get:

    • a comprehensive overview of the semantic technology standards;
    • an introduction to GraphDB – a semantic graph database, compliant with the W3C Standards;
    • hands-on experience with cleaning, transforming and loading data in GraphDB;
    • practical knowledge of how to query, manipulate and restructure your data;
    • short demo on SemTech in use – how the technology is integrated in actual solutions;
    • an opportunity to discuss a specific use case by scheduling individual consultation with one of Ontotext’s experts.
Ivelina Nikolova

Ivelina Nikolova

Senior NLP Engineer at Ontotext
Ivelina Nikolova has experience in various projects for semantic textual enrichment and document classification. Her main expertise is in the area of information extraction such as named entity recognition, event recognition and relation extraction with state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques.
Ivelina Nikolova

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