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GraphDB™ – An Enterprise Triplestore with Meaning

  • Are you able to store and search semantic facts extracted from text?
  • Can you infer new facts from the existing facts stored in your graph database?
  • Does your triplestore provide enterprise class scalability and resilience?

Organizations are at a critical juncture in knowledge discovery – there’s a tremendous need to uncover meaning buried inside of unstructured data. Text mining is one technique used to uncover this intelligence. But where is this newly found knowledge stored, updated and queried? GraphDB™ (formerly OWLIM) is the world’s leading RDF Triplestore built on OWL (Ontology Web Language) standards. It stores your data in the form of atomic facts expressed as subjects, predicates and objects which have relationships to other facts. Ontotext offers four versions: GraphDB™ Lite, GraphDB™ Standard,  GraphDB™ Enterprise and GraphDB™ Cloud on AWS. Learn more about their unique features below.

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GraphDB™ is the world’s leading RDF Triplestore and graph database. It’s the only triplestore that can perform semantic inferencing at scale allowing users to create new semantic facts from existing facts. GraphDB™ handles massive loads, queries and inferencing in real time. We offer four versions of GraphDB™: Lite, Standard, Enterprise and Cloud. Click into any edition to compare the differences between these three graph databases.

In essence, GraphDB™ is a “semantic repository” using ontologies that allow the repository to automatically reason about the data. It works with a flexible and generic physical graph data model allowing for easy interpretation and adoption of new ontologies or metadata on-the-fly. Sesame is one of the most popular semantic repositories that supports RDF(S) and all the major syntaxes and query languages related to it. GraphDB™ is another semantic repository, packaged as a storage and inference layer (SAIL) for Sesame. To learn more about Semantic Repositories, visit our page on the topic: Semantic Repositories. GraphDB Benchmark Results

GraphDB™ Lite

For those users interested in managing millions of RDF statements on a desktop computer, GraphDB™ Lite is a database management system licensed free of charge including inferencing and query support. This version does not allow users to load more than 100 million triples and performs query and reasoning operations in memory rather than files based indexing.

  • Create new semantic facts using native RDF inferencing.
  • The fastest free semantic repository for loading and querying RDF triples.
  • Reliable data preservation, consistency and integrity.
  • Manage up to 100 million RDF triples on your desktop.
  • Easy deployment using JAVA

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GraphDB™ Standard

With “Standard” users can load billions of RDF statements with inferencing and multi-user query performance. We have optimized the performance of the Standard Edition using “Same As” technology. This allows you to recognize when two different entities across different data sources actually refer to the same entity. With GraphDB™ Standard you can:

  • Load, query and infer new facts simultaneously
  • Run against tens of billions of RDF statements on a single server using file based indices
  • Create compact query results using our optimized “same as” technology”
  • Infer new semantic facts using powerful reasoning engines
  • Efficiently delete inferred statements that are no longer valid

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GraphDB™ Enterprise

GraphDB™ Enterprise has all the features of our Standard Edition with the added advantage that it has been architected to run on enterprise replication clusters with backup, recovery and failover ensuring you are always up. “Enterprise” offers industrial strength resilience and linearly scalable parallel query performance with support for load-balancing across any number of servers.

  • Run on multiple servers with enterprise resilience.
  • Dynamic cluster configuration.
  • Automatic fail-over and synchronization with single-point of failure
  • Comes with GraphDB Connectors for full text and faceted search
  • Scale to handle tens of billions of RDF statements

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GraphDB™ Cloud

GraphDB™ Cloud brings all the features of our Standard Edition to the cloud. With GraphDB™ Cloud there is no software installation or hardware configuration required. You are up and running in a matter of minutes with the flexibility to choose the server configuration that works best for your needs.

  • All features and benefits of GraphDB™ Standard Edition.
  • Rapid implementation through Amazon Web Services.
  • No need to purchase a license costs or pay any up front fees.
  • Pay for only what you need to get the job done.
  • Quickly scale up when you need more processing power.

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