Ontotext Semantic Platform

One-Stop-Shopping for Semantic Technology

  • How can you effectively compete in the fast changing world of big data?
  • Are insights discoverable in your unstructured data?
  • Would text mining and search help you find meaning faster?

Some organizations have tried to solve complex data management problems by integrating text mining, ontologies, graph databases, search applications and content stores to better manage a river of flowing unstructured content. But dealing with multiple vendors, attempts to synchronize disparate systems and a lack of features have produced mediocre results.  With the Ontotext Semantic Platform, we get you into production faster than anyone using a complete platform of semantic technologies and GraphDB™.

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Ontotext Semantic Platform

The Ontotext Semantic Platform consists of an enrichment suite for text mining and semantic annotation, data integration tools to transform your data into RDF and tools for semantic curation allowing users to search the knowledge base and curate content at the same time.  If you are interested in products discussed on the former Ontotext website such as KIM or Proton, please complete the form on this page and a semantic platform specialist will be in touch.  If you would like Ontotext to create an ontology, for you, please also complete the form – there is a link at the top of this page.