S4 Presented at the NYC Semantic Web Meetup

The NYC Semantic Web Meetup

Last week the NYC Semantic Web Meetup took place at the Google Research offices in NYC. This is one of the biggest Semantic Web related meetups, with more than 1,700 members. Last meetup was organized as a “poster session” where various companies presented interesting projects and demos related to Semantic Technologies: Ontotext, Google Research, 3top, NY Times, The Press Association, and others. Ontotext presented our Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4).

The Self-Service Semantic Suite

The Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4), that was featured by Ontotext at the NYC meetup, provides a practical solution that many startups and application developers face today: how to quickly and easily develop Smart Data prototypes that can analyse textual content and extract valuable facts from it, interlink these facts with background information from knowledge graphs, and present it in an easy to use semantic graph data model.

S4 provides this solution via an easy to use cloud platform, instantly available to developers:

  • Simple RESTful services for analysing textual content in news, biomedical documents or Tweets. The text analytic services have been recently extended with image analytics capabilities, based on the Imagga Image Tagging API
  • A semantic graph database-as-a-service, based on the leading RDF database, GraphDB by Ontotext
  • RESTful services for accessing large knowledge graphs such as DBpedia, Wikidata and GeoNames

And of course, in order to make developers’ job easier, the S4 platform provides:

  • Extensive documentation and sample code in various programming languages
  • SDKs for Java, C# and Python, with options to generate custom SDKs via Swagger
  • GATE and UIMA plugins for language engineers, to integrate S4 text analytics services into complex text analytics workflows and applications
  • Plugins for Firefox and Chrome, so that developers can instantly experiment with the output of the text analytics services within the browser
  • Large free quotas for all services on the platform

Ontotext poster at NYC Semantic Web Meetup

Final Words

The Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4) provides an easy and instantly available platform for Smart Data management and analytics. If you haven’t done so already, register for a S4 developer account and start using the text analytics, semantic graph database as-a-service and knowledge graphs on S4 for free. Experiment more, experiment faster!

Marin Dimitrov

Marin Dimitrov

CTO at Ontotext
As the technological captain of Ontotext, he is leading the company on the right tech route and reserving our spot on the map of the world. His sharp mind can explain complex things in a simple way, making him an invaluable resource in semantics. Marin is a frequent speaker on semantic conferences and open data meetups at various technology related events.
Marin Dimitrov

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