Thinking Outside the Table

Have you thought about how you treat your data? The neat rows and tables secured by relational databases might be good for many uses, yet today’s diverse data deserve better.

As author Peter Morville writes in his book Intertwingled:

“We must go from boxes to arrows. Tomorrow belongs to those who connect”

In the case of databases, it’s about going from tables to multidimensional containers. And this is where graph databases can help.

Check out our latest slides “Thinking Outside the Table” and learn why relational databases are good, but graph databases are better when you want to use the full potential of your data.


Teodora Petkova

Teodora Petkova

Teodora is a philologist fascinated by the metamorphoses of text on the Web. Curious about our networked lives, she explores how the Semantic Web vision unfolds, transforming the possibilities of the written word.
Teodora Petkova

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