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Atanas is a leading expert in semantic databases, author of multiple signature industry publications, including chapters from the widely acclaimed Handbook of Semantic Web Technologies.

Linked Leaks: A Smart Dive into Analyzing the Panama Papers

Ever since the Panama Papers news story broke in early April, people have been curious to know what names come out and how they are connected with other companies and shareholders. However, releasing the massive of 2.6TB of data could be a challenge for data enthusiasts and investigative journalists to effectively search and explore the Panama Papers data. That’s how Linked Leaks was born.

Practical Big Data Analytics For Financials

Putting Big Data Analytics into Finance Practice

The financial services industry has had to weather quite a few headwinds since the 2008 global crisis took its toll on the sector. Using big data to improve risk management, detect fraud and track consumer behaviour involves data from various sources — including location, shopping patterns and previous transactions — to flag inconsistencies and take immediate actions. The benefits are ranging from keeping up with compliance standards and increase customer satisfaction to revenue increase.

Triplestores are Proven as Operational Graph Databases

triple (sjubject -> predicate -> object)

Triplestores are graph database engines that, unlike engines based on Property Graphs, implement a set of comprehensive, vendor-independent standards. We’ll dive deeply into the theory of how triplestores work and how they can support graph-traversal efficiently, despite “index-free adjacency” is not central to their design.

Industry Relevance of the Semantic Publishing Benchmark

(This post was originally published at Linked Data Benchmarking Council's blog) Why do leading media companies, like the BBC and publishers, from FT to DK and Elsevier, use triplestores? Publishing and media businesses are g

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