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Jarred McGinnis is a managing consultant in Semantic Technologies. Previously he was the Head of Research, Semantic Technologies, at the Press Association, investigating the role of technologies such as natural language processing and Linked Data in the news industry. Dr. McGinnis received his PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh in 2006.

The Web as a CMS: How BBC joined Linked Open Data

Revolution of Linked Open Data

Editorial wants to create faultless content and it is hard for them to imagine that quality coming from anyone else but their team. The dilemma these days is how do you maintain that high-quality in an era of shrinking editorial budgets and ever increasing amounts of data. Early on the BBC decided not to mint their own IDs but to utilise existing URIs for musical artists from a freely available database MusicBrainz. BBC went further and made the strategic decision to also use its resources to help improve the MusicBrainz database.

Can Semantics be the Peacemaker between ECM and DAM?

DAM, EMC, Gulliver and Lilliputians

The battle continues as one side suggests an ECM (one system to rule them all) is fine and DAM practitioners point out the lack of optimization of ECM. The role of semantics (content metadata) is to give peace a chance and resemble how humans understand and use the content.

Ontotext technology helps BCA Research become double-award winner

BCA awards
Two awards in two weeks BCA Research (part of Euromoney PLC) has proven once again that they continue to lead the field in investment research by winning two innovation awards: the ‘Best Innovative Technology Solution for Sma

The Future is NOW: Dynamic Semantic Publishing

The BBC Olympics section powered by the semantic technology via GrahDB
The future of publishing is now. . More and more organizations are looking for solutions that fuse the manual editorial content creation and curation with smart automated processes for aggregating, repurposing and reusing conten

Introducing NOW – Live Semantic Showcase by Ontotext

NOW - New On the Web
What is NOW After years of helping some of the most recognizable names in news publishing, we have come to understand there is a need across the industry for more intelligent and dynamic publishing workflows. NOW by Ontotext

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