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Laura is an enthusiastic data scientist, always searching to improve semantic technologies with latest machine learning tools. She believes that merely extracting patterns from big data should not be the ultimate goal of predictive modelling, but understanding why certain patterns occur and thus provide with an understanding of causality.

More Twitter Users Want to Split with EU and Support #Brexit

brexit wordcloud
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our study suggests the #BRexit referendum is anything but close, with a clear preference among Twitter users for leaving the EU. Ontotext analysed over 1.5 million tweets related to the referendu

Smart Ideas Proven at Ontotext Hackathon in March 2016


What better to do on a rainy working Saturday in Sofia than a Hackathon? Teams are ready, ideas are ambitious, and pizzas are hardly enough for the high calorie consumption that thinking out of the box requires.

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