Ontotext technology helps BCA Research become double-award winner

Two awards in two weeks

BCA Research (part of Euromoney PLC) has proven once again that they continue to lead the field in investment research by winning two innovation awards: the ‘Best Innovative Technology Solution for Small Firms’ at the 2015 HFM European Technology Awards and ‘Most Innovative Financial Services Solution’ award at the 2015 bba/ifs Financial Innovation Awards.

BCA Research Innovation Award Ceremony

The award-winning product is called BCA Edge, which enables investment professionals discover and integrate actionable research content in 5% of the time taken by traditional research products. BCA Edge, launched in early 2015, visualizes, customizes and consumes research and charts to create actionable insights with features designed to seamlessly integrate into your investment workflow.

Ontotext Inside

Underneath the hood of this exciting and award winning product proudly sits Ontotext technology. BCA edge’s edge is the use of Ontotext’s GraphDB to provide ‘knowledgable’ search results leveraging the ability to represent the complex relationships between markets, financial instruments, themes, views, trades, charts and reports.

Beyond search, the use of Ontotext’s Semantic Publishing Platform enables knowledge discovery to find related content and identify unexpected connections. Human experts at BCA review annotations made by the platform to ensure 100% accuracy. The reviewed annotations are fed back to platform to improve its machine learning algorithms to create a virtuous cycle and ensure a high quality product.

“We are honored to be recognized by bba/ifs, FM and the financial services community at large for our work innovating how our research content and digital tools support alpha generation,” said Bashar AL-Rehany, Chief Executive Officer, BCA Research. “Edge was built with our clients. We are delighted with the response it has received and the level of adoption from those clients. Our team continues to innovate and we look forward to announcing new features and partnerships to help the global investment community understand and participate in investment markets.”

BCA’s awards are a validation of something we at Ontotext have known for awhile. Regardless of the complexity of the subject matter, and it don’t get much more complicated than macroeconomic forecasting, semantic technology is well suited to create a unified and consolidated platform to ensure the content you need can be found quickly.

Congratulations BCA Research! Look forward to working with you in the New Year!

Jarred McGinnis

Jarred McGinnis

Jarred McGinnis is a managing consultant in Semantic Technologies. Previously he was the Head of Research, Semantic Technologies, at the Press Association, investigating the role of technologies such as natural language processing and Linked Data in the news industry. Dr. McGinnis received his PhD in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh in 2006.
Jarred McGinnis

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