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On-demand Metadata Management with Ontotext S4

Last week I had a chance to present the Self Service Semantic Suite (S4) at the LT-Accelerate conference in Brussels. LT-Accelerate is a new event focusing on language technology and its applications in various domains: social med

GATE and Firefox plugins for S4

Gate Firefox header
Introduction The Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4) by Ontotext provides a set of capabilities for on-demand, as-a-service semantic data management. The S4 capabilities are accessible via simple RESTful APIs, including APIs for tex

Getting Started with S4, The Self-Service Semantic Suite

Self Service Semantic Suite
Getting started with S4, The Self-Service Semantic Suite is as easy as registering for a developer account and accessing RESTful services for text analysis and linked data querying. Here's how S4 developers can get started with T

Text Mining in the Cloud: Ontotext Releases “S4” – The Self Service Semantic Suite

Text mining in the cloud
Text Mining in the Cloud - Enterprise Technology for the Mid Market If you thought that enterprise semantic technology was just for Fortune 2000 companies, think again. The very same semantic technology is now available in the Am

Text Mining & Graph Databases – Two Technologies that Work Well Together

Text Mining, graph databases and ontologies expand your search
Text Mining and Graph Databases work well together because natural language processing can be used to extract meaning from free flowing text and then stored in graph databases to be used in search, discovery and analysis. Graph

Semantic Publishing – Relevant Recommendations Create a Unique User Experience

Semantic recommendations is part of semantic publishing technology
Semantic Publishing includes a number of techniques including semantic recommendations used to personalize the user experience by delivering contextual content based on natural language processing, search history, user profiles an

Why are graph databases hot? Because they tell a story…

Graph databases store connections
Graph databases like GraphDB™ are popular for a variety of reasons. They make it easy to import data without creating complex schemas. They store relationships extracted from unstructured data. You can combine Linked Open Data w

Ontotext contributes to 3 KPIs of Europeana

The Europeana Business Plan 2014 was published on 12 March 2014. Three of the Key Performance Indicators in the important Product Development section (see p.30) were implemented by Ontotext within the frame of the Europeana Cre

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