Ontotext - Semantic Web Technology Company

We’re in love with semantics. For real!

Ontotext has created a complete set of tools and services including text mining and our very own triplestore GraphDB that are transforming how organizations identify meaning across diverse databases and massive amounts of unstructured data.

We’ve applied the power of our tailor-made solutions in media and publishing, life sciences, government and cultural heritage, and more. Our visionary work has ranked us among the top three software providers of semantic technology in the world.

Founded in 2000 as a part of Sirma Group and based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Ontotext has offices in London and Northern Virginia and collaborates with leading companies from all over the world.

With a team of 50+ amazingly smart people, we are your trusted partner in development of tools and solutions in semantics, software engineering, performance optimization, ontology design and data integration. Plus, our engineering team is ceaselessly involved in W3C projects powering the development of the web.

Not only do we love semantics, but we also love talking about it. Our talented experts are sharp and intriguing speakers renowned at industry events around the world and authors of a ton of research publications in the field. And as always, we’re open for collaboration.

We’re on a Mission…

To reduce the costs of data integration and content tagging and allow all types of information to come together.

So enterprises can efficiently:

  • integrate multiple data sources internally
  • integrate internal data with linked open data
  • unveil implicit relations
  • match facts scattered across huge volumes of diverse data
  • interlink text and data
  • semantically search and explore all sorts of information

We Help Enterprises…

Make sense of their text and data. At Ontotext you get more answers in less time by using external data for decision-making. Your costs for information production and analytics go down, while you better monetize content and data and dynamically re-purpose information.

We Believe that…

Text and data should be explored together and text-mining can be fostered through big knowledge graphs.

Who We Are …

Ontotext makes people’s lives easier by helping them manage large databases and make sense of large quantities of information. A company that is not afraid to experiment, we explore and shape exciting technology and put it to good use for people.

We didn’t coin the term “semantic technology” by chance, so we are constantly driven to deliver ever-evolving and innovative products. Together with you, our trusted partners and valued clients, we are going beyond limitations and creating history by shaping the future of semantics.

Our outstanding work and passion to deliver are the products of the friendly and inspiring environment that we consciously nurture. We foster an egalitarian spirit where trust and integrity are the main drivers of individual development and team achievements.

If you know how late-night browsing through the best subreddits feels like, that’s Ontotext.

Visionary industry experts, semantics connoisseurs, established business leaders or, simply put, sharp minds. Our managers have decades-long professional background in semantic technology and successful management experience in companies like Siemens, Hewlett Packard and Sirma Group.

And they are excited to share their experience and knowledge with the world. You can see their bright faces at important industry events and read their insights into semantics in more than 100 published research publications.

Meet the flagship crew that leads Ontotext ahead, beyond any challenge.

If you are wondering what the people behind Ontotext look like, here’s a little something for you: contagiously enthusiastic, intimidatingly bright and relentlessly driven. We make miracles together with a few simple rules in mind: respecting each other, keeping our promises and delivering outstanding work.

As our team is spread all over the world, we fully embraces geographic irrelevance and like to think of ourselves as digital nomads. Creative minds simply need space, diversity and inspiration to deliver that level of agility we’re capable of.

To make sure we onboard the best and the brightest, every year we take part in a student hackathon called Best Engineering Week. We offer students a challenge and guess what: we hire the winners.

Meet our team of semantics superheroes, whose expertise and passion make Ontotext’s stellar services.


Work With Us

We’re always on the lookout for talented and passionate people to get on board of our semantics superheroes team.
If you fancy us, send us your resume. As soon as we have an opening, we’d love to meet you and chat about semantics in person.

We’re Looking for Superheroes

If you don’t see a position that suits your skills, feel free to contact any of our offices and share your background, or send an email to jobs@ontotext.com.  We are always looking for great people!

From New Zealand to South Korea, from the United States to France and beyond, Ontotext has trusted friends who make up our partnership ecosystem. And yes, they are world leaders in semantic technology, information management, research, consulting and distribution.

But the best part is that together we are devoted to relentlessly seeking innovation that makes people’s businesses thrive around the world. Sounds romantic, but it’s true.

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