Build 360° Data View!

Establish Master Data as Linked Data.

Leverage Legacy Data as Knowledge Graph.

Graph DB 8.1

Serve Enterprise Linked Data

Hundreds of billions of facts building the World Knowledge Graph are available in
the Linked Open Data cloud. Even more are gathered as Proprietary Data Sets.
Make them work for you!

Leverage Legacy Data

Transform Data from Common Formats

GraphDB 8 features a new ETL tool – OntoRefine – an embedded and extended high-class open source library that allows you to do many ETL (extract, transform and load) tasks over tabular data via an intuitive user interface.

Transform Data from Common Formats

Publish and Share GraphDB 8.1

Establish Interlinked Master Data

Publish & Share Linked Data

Convey the knowledge hidden in your Master Data by interlinking catalog items; clients or prospects; world’s shared information of people, organizations and locations; or any other important objects of knowledge or entities in your enterprise world.

Build 360° Data View

Integrate Your Data as a Knowledge Graph

GraphDB supports the so-called “named graphs”, where each dataset lives in its own space and can be manipulated individually. Still, all data is available within a single knowledge graph – an integrated data view for querying and analytics.

GraphDB 8.1 Resources

Visual graph GraphDB 8.1

Explore the Knowledge Graph

Find out how your data is interconnected

GraphDB’s visual graph enables you to get familiar with the data fast and easy, without having to write SPARQL queries.

Navigate your instance data with an interactive graph explorer to discover hidden relations and explore your information in context

Fully-functional Semantic Graph Database

Everything You Need from a Semantic Graph Database

From a technical standpoint, GraphDB 8 stays up to date with the latest graph database requirements and W3C standards, integrated with open source tools

    • Easy setup with one-click installation;
    • Powerful with visual data access and exploration tools;
    • Business-critical services under control;

RDF4j GraphDB 8.1

Unleash the power of knowledge!

Improve discoverability and data analytics with cutting-edge graph databases and semantic technology.

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