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Stefan Dragnev, Team Lead Ontotext Cloud

GraphDB Cloud, running on the Ontotext Cognitive Cloud Platform is a perfect solution for scenarios with small, medium and enterprise database size and query load, where investing in software licenses and provisioning and maintaining an on-premise 24/7 server is not cost or resource optimal.

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Diagram Scigraph Springer nature

See how Ontotext’s technology helps Springer Nature SciGraph to collate high-quality content from trusted and reliable sources across the research landscape to overcome internal and external content silos in research communities, increase the discoverability of publications, encourage developers to reuse Springer Nature’s datasets and much more.

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Vladimir Alexiev, Lead of the Data and Ontology Management Group

By creating visualisations with graph databases, organizations get insights from all perspectives they wish and need to explore. Even a quick glance at the relationship structure reveals where unusually large clusters of nodes or edges are.

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Bloor Market Report 2016

Simplistically, RDF products are typically employed where either semantics or text processing is a key requirement. Perhaps the simplest way to describe the use of property graphs is that they are essentially addressing relational problems that are too complex for relational databases to handle efficiently.

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Ivelina Nikolova, Senior NLP Engineer

Graph Analytics are a critical component in supporting business strategy. They can help you target content with pinpoint accuracy; identify potential new lifesaving treatments; flag possible fraudulent activities; or predict future behavior.

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Make your way through Linked Leaks – a free public demonstrator that provides a unique perspective of the Panama Papers leak linked to additional knowledge about the world. Ask your smart questions in SPARQL.

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Get a live experience how to add value to any content you like with Tag by Ontotext - a free public service designed to show you the text analytics that takes place behind the scene of the Dynamic Semantic Publishing platform.

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This webinar continues series are demonstrating how linked open data and semantic tagging of news can be used for comprehensive media monitoring, market and business intelligence. The platform for the demonstrations is FactForge.

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Jem Rayfield

This webinar discusses Ontotext’s latest improvements to its Dynamic Semantic Publishing (DSP) platform. How the DSP platform applies various techniques to provide personalized content streams via its re-usable API services.

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Created for the busy C-level executive, business leader and manager, the chapters walk you through the potential of text analytics for efficient information retrieval and knowledge management.

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