proDataMarket – Enabling the property data marketplace for novel data-driven business products

Start 2015.03.01, Finish 2017.09.30

ProDataMarket is a H2020 research project funded by the EC. It aims to disrupt the property data market by integrating a technical framework for effective publishing and consumption of property-related data, showcasing novel data-driven business products and services based on property data.

Contact: Stefan Dragnev

Project Objectives

proDataMarket will provide a digital data marketplace for open property data, making it easier for data providers to publish and distribute their data (for free or for a fee) and for data consumers to easily access the data they need for their businesses. The consortium is formed by large companies ensuring high-impact business cases, technology transfer providers ensuring technologies for the creation and maintenance of the data market platform, and large data providers providing data for the business cases. With strong industry involvement proDataMarket will cover a wide range of data value chains related to property data.

Ontotext’s Role

Ontotext is one of the technology partners in the proDataMarket project. Ontotext’s responsibilities include delivering a scalable data management infrastructure, which will allow for data stored in various legacy data sources to be transformed into RDF graphs with proper metadata mappings to popular ontologies and vocabularies. A scalable RDF database-as-a-service running in the Cloud will be one of the key components of the proDataMarket infrastructure, and it will enable quick deployment of new data services on top of 3rd party datasets. This way, the numerous data publishers will not need to deal with the overhead of provisioning and maintaining the access to their data, while developers will get an easy, instant and reliable access to valuable property related via simple RESTful APIs.

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