LarKC – The Large Knowledge Collider – a platform for massive distributed incomplete reasoning.

Start 2008.04.01, Finish 2011.09.30

The driving vision behind LarKC is to go beyond the limited storage and inference solutions currently available for semantic computing.

Contact: Vassil Momtchev

Project Objectives

  • Enriching the current logic-based Semantic Web reasoning methods with methods from information retrieval, machine learning, information theory, databases, and probabilistic reasoning
  • Employing cognitively inspired approaches and techniques such as spreading activation, focus of attention, reinforcement,etc
  • Building a distributed reasoning platform and realizing it both on a high-performance computing cluster and via “computing at home”

LarKC is funded as an Information and Communication technologies Project under European Commission 7th FP with a budget around 7.3M euros. It started April 2008 with a 3 years duration. LarKC was coordinated by UIBK, Austria

Ontotext’s Role

  • Semantic Integration for Early Clinical Development
  • Definition and validation of goals and metrics for the LarKC platform

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