MediaCampaign – Discovering, inter-relating and navigating cross-media campaign knowledge.

Start 2006.04.01, Finish 2008.09.30

MediaCampaign is funded as a Specific Targeted Research Project under European Commission 6th FP. It started April 2006 with a 2.5 years duration. Media-Campaign was coordinated by Joanneum Research, Austria.

Contact: Borislav Popov

Project Objectives

MediaCampaign’s scope consists of discovering, inter-relating and navigating cross-media campaign knowledge and extensively automating the detection and tracking of media campaigns on television, Internet and in the press. This leads to new business cases in media monitoring and analysis and positively impacts the European advertising sector.

There are a number of challenging research objectives to be met:

  • Ontology for cross-media modeling of media presence and campaigns
  • Semantic cross-market product data interlinking
  • Identification and tracking of new media campaigns in different media and countries

Ontotext’s Role

  • Media Campaign Modeling
  • Development of a Media Presence and Campaign Ontology (MEPCO)
  • Detection and Tracking of Media Campaigns

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