Recording – GraphDB Cloud: Enterprise Ready RDF Database on Demand

Webinar GraphDB Cloud Enterprise Ready RDF Database on Demand

This webinar has been recorded and available on demand.

GraphDB Cloud is an enterprise grade RDF graph database providing high-performance querying over large volumes of RDF data. It is part of the brand new Ontotext Cognitive Cloud, that we are launching this summer.

GraphDB Cloud, running on the Ontotext Cognitive Cloud Platform is a perfect solution for scenarios with small, medium and enterprise database size and query load, where investing in software licenses and provisioning and maintaining an on-premise 24/7 server is not cost or resource optimal.

With GraphDB Cloud, users/developers can have their private database instance up and running within seconds. They will no longer need to deal with DBA specific tasks such as installation and upgrades, provisioning and deployment, backups and restores, as well as ensuring the database availability. GraphDB Cloud is instantly available and easily accessible so that developers can build smart data prototypes faster, and at a lower cost, without spending valuable time on installing, configuring, or even developing their own infrastructure components.

GraphDB Cloud will be available in various tiers (levels), including free enterprise and custom (GraphDB Enterprise Cluster) tiers.

On this webinar our Cloud Team Lead Stefan Dragnev, the Product Owner of GraphDB Cloud Georgi Georgiev, Ph.D., and Ivelina Nikolova, Senior Consultant and Trainer in Ontotext will demonstrate how to instantly create and deploy a fully managed Graph Database, then import & query data with the (OpenRDF) GraphDB Workbench, and finally explore and visualise data with the build in visualisation tools.

The webinar addresses important questions including:

  • What is the value of RDF graph databases for smart data management;
  • Technical details on the architecture of GraphDB Cloud;
  • Practical examples of using the database in the Cloud;
  • Product roadmap and new features in GraphDB Cloud.

Who is this webinar for:

  • R&D Departments within Enterprises in the early phases and mature phases of adopting Semantic Technology – now they have on-demand access to an RDF database, without the need to provision hardware and commit to software licenses when evaluating the technology developing proof-of-concept, pilots, and production systems;
  • Consultants and Solution Architects in Startup or Small to Medium Companies – they can begin using the GraphDB database in the Cloud in order to avoid upfront investments. At a later time they can migrate to an on-premise deployment;
  • Developers – they can provide their database within seconds on one of 8 different server configurations for testing, benchmarking and optimisations;
  • Academics and technical teams at academic institutions have instant access to an enterprise-grade RDF database and pay only when it is being used.

GraphDB Cloud is a result of the multimillion research and development project proDataMarket, which is co-financed by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation Program. Its aim is to disrupt the property data market and to demonstrate innovation across sectors where property data is relevant.

Webinar Duration: 60 minutes

Live Webinar: Yes

Live Question Answering: Yes

Resource After Webinar: Recording and Presentation

Stefan Dragnev, Team Lead Ontotext Cloud

Stefan Dragnev – Team Lead Ontotext Cloud

Stefan is experienced software practitioner and IT manager. He is responsible for the overall architecture of the Ontotext Cloud platform. He has worked in various technical roles and his expertise is in cloud-related technologies, distributed systems, and performance.

Georgi Georgiev

Georgi Georgiev – Head of Innovation and Consultancy Services

Dr. Georgiev is a leading expert in technical programming and technical architecture, linked data and cognitive technology, big data and text analytics. As an experienced project management and data analytics professional, Georgiev manages the strategic and operational aspects of the research and innovation projects at Ontotext.

Ivelina Nikolova, Senior NLP Engineer

Ivelina Nikolova – Senior NLP Engineer

Ivelina has over 10 years of experience in natural language processing. Recently she has been focusing on the application of NLP techniques for enhancing semantic technologies, which is also the topic of her Ph.D. thesis. Ivelina has experience in various projects for semantic textual enrichment and document classification.

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