Recording – Tagging with Rich Knowledge Graphs

This webinar has been recorded and available on demand.

Semantic tagging is the driving force behind text analytics used by news and media organizations increasingly often. The service can help publishers target content with pinpoint accuracy.

Borislav Popov, Director Business Development will be joined by Stefan Enev, Head of Semantic Annotation & Search and Valentin Jikov, SAS Team to discuss the foundations of Ontotext’s new semantic tagging service.

Besides some of the reasons and benefits for using semantic tagging, you will learn how to apply it both through an UI and as SaaS. We will also present the data sets we have compiled in order to support the text analytics and what are the machine learning driven training processes in order to resolve their inherent ambiguity. We will be open to discuss our methodology for building new tagging pipelines and how we address different domains, languages and types of content.

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