Ontotext Products Overview

Graph DB

An Enterprise Graph Database with Meaning

GraphDB™ (formerly OWLIM) is a W3C standards compliant RDF graph database, also called triplestore.

Triplestores have the ability to ingest diverse data, providing flexibility with respect to schema changes and mappings. They also allow for greater freedom, efficient handing of powerful queries and serving unforeseen information needs.

Triplestores employ intelligent data management solutions which combine full text search with graph analytics and logical reasoning to produce deep, rich results.

GraphDB is the only triplestore that can perform semantic inferencing at scale allowing users to create new semantic facts from existing facts. It handles massive loads, queries and inferencing in real time.

Cognitive Cloud

On-Demand, Low Cost Smart Data Management

Ontotext Cognitive Cloud, allows you to easily and quickly apply a full suite of smart data management and text mining without the need for complex planning, investment and provisioning.

Ontotext Cognitive Cloud provides free tier quotas for on-demand access to a self-managed or fully managed GraphDB instance along with a number of Ontotext high-performance text mining components.

It is designed to deliver a highly available and scalable solution that can be accessed via simple RESTful services including:

  • World class text mining for news, biomedical content, and Twitter
  • Open knowledge graphs and specialized ontologies that you upload
  • GraphDB as a self-managed or fully managed RDF graph database on the cloud

… at a fraction of the cost of enterprise systems.

How to Try Ontotext Products?

On Premise

Cloud Based

GraphDB Free Edition icon

GraphDB Free

GraphDB Free is a fully featured semantic graph database available for download. Has most of the features of its bigger brothers without the processing power.

Ontotext Self-Serve Semantic Suit icon on GrapDB DBaaS Edition

GraphDB Cloud

Try free on-demand and low-cost smart data management tool with text annotation capabilities. Ideal for a small project because you pay only what you use.

Do you need more processing power? Find your GraphDB™ edition:

Standard, Enterprise and Cloud

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