GraphDB Migration Service

In today’s information age, many organizations seeking to add business value and more sophisticated analytical capabilities to their data are turning to semantic graph databases like GraphDB.

If you already have a semantic graph database, do you utilize its maximum capacity to fully address your specific use case?

At Ontotext, we don’t just sell an easy to use triple store that can perform semantic inferencing at scale and handle massive loads, queries, and inferencing in real time. Thanks to our extensive experience in semantic technology, we add our expertise to offer a complete package. We make the extra effort to understand your use case and to help you solve it with GraphDB.

Instituting GraphDB as your new database technology is simple, even if you already have a database in place. Just follow the proven 10 step migration plan. You can always rely on our dedicated technical team. We also offer professional account management, clear KPI’s and continuous support.

We offer ten steps migration service process

Validate Data Modeling
Profile Slow Queries
Export Data
Setup GraphDB
Optimize setup
Import data
Analyze ‘slow queries’
Optimize queries for performance
Monitor repository performance for a month
Free support for a month

Are you ready for the next step?

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