Linked Leaks

Make your way through Linked Leaks – a free public demonstrator that provides a unique perspective of the Panama Papers leak linked to additional knowledge about the world. Ask your smart questions in SPARQL.

Tag by Ontotext

Get a live experience how to add value to any content you like with Tag by Ontotext - a free public service designed to show you the text analytics that takes place behind the scene of the Dynamic Semantic Publishing platform.

FactForge – Open Data and News about People, Organizations and Locations

Dive in FactForge – a public service for free access to data about people, organizations and locations, represented as RDF graph that is constantly being updated with a live stream of news metadata, linking the articles to entities and concepts, tagged by Ontotext’s Publishing platform.

NOW – News On The Web

Test how your datasets can get enriched and annotated as a result of providing rich digital content to users with NOW (News on the Web by Ontotext) – a free public service designed to show you the capabilities of semantic technology for publishing purposes.

Linked Life Data

See the power of GraphDB™ by using our Linked Life Data demonstration site. Linked Life Data is an open access tool that utilizes GraphDB™ to provide for the semantic search of syndicated biomedical data.

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