Semantic Technology Solutions

Easily Create and Personalize Content with Semantic Publishing consisting of a set of databases, machine learning algorithms, APIs and tools we use to build solutions for news, educational, scientific, academic and other publishers. At a high level, the platform consists of: Machine learning models for text analysis, disambiguation of entities, concept extraction and classification. A set of databases to store semantic indexes, consolidated entity profiles, linked open data and user behavior profiles. Learn more

The Ontotext Insights Platform was built to address very specific domain needs within the life sciences and healthcare industries. The Ontotext Insights Platform has: Semantic annotation pipelines to extract meaning from patient data and research documents using more than 100 different semantic types. Automatically recognize complex biomedical terms using tested “bio-medical tagging algorithms.” A semantically rich knowledge base with domain specific classifications allowing you to match and classify extracted terms for greater insights. Learn more

Ontotext has delivered semantic solutions for cultural heritage organizations in support of collaborative research, high performance loading and querying of multiple semantic repositories simultaneously, creative re-use of meta data, knowledge representation, artifact aggregation, data silo integration and search applications for research and scientific information. Learn more

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