Linked Data Integration for Scientific and Academic Publishing

Ontotext helps academic publishers maximize content value by leveraging existing taxonomies, thesauri and controlled vocabularies.

Enrich your knowledge assets and deliver content to readers across academic disciplines. There is no need to change how you work. Integration with your academic workflows allows authors and editors to validate enriched content assets and intelligent recommendations.

The system “self learns” as more content is provided . To meet the changing needs of readers, content enrichment works with our robust Personalization Engine to deliver relevant content to readers.

Maximize Content Value with Wider Knowledge Graphs

  • Reduce the cost of content creation
  • Improve authoring, enrichment, knowledge enhancement and delivery workflows
  • Grow revenue opportunities
  • Cross-sell and up-sell digital content across academic disciplines. Create user tailored content offerings
  • Open new markets
  • Enrich thesauri with linked open data and republish them
  • Increase reader engagement
  • Provide relevant search results supported by semantic enrichment and recommendations

How It Works: Semantic  Publishing Workflow

Articles, Patents, Journals

Content is created by you, contributors, partners and others using your publishing workflow.

Semantic Enrichment

Automatically annotate content, allowing subject matter experts to focus on quality and taxonomy enrichment.

Thesaurus Management

Boost your thesaurus, vocabulary and taxonomy enrichment with automatically suggested controlled terms.

Content Delivery

Ensure output quality with enhanced quality assurance tools. Publish or repackage your content based on your needs


Personalized the audience experience with a knowledge base serving highly relevant content and recommendations.



Contextual Authoring

  • Consistently index your content with all terms from your thesaurus, vocabulary and taxonomy.
  • Reduce the amount of time to create metadata and re-purpose legacy content.
  • Identify new controlled and uncontrolled terms to boost your thesauri, taxonomy and vocabulary enrichment.
  • Manage your existing content metadata using standards that are unified with your growing source of authors, science disciplines and organizations.


  • Host your valuable knowledge assets – thesauri, taxonomies and controlled vocabularies – as linked data.
  • Increases return readership. Use your growing knowledge base align your content with the latest scientific trends.

Curation Module

  • Allows publishers and authors to validate the results of the Personalization Engine. Provide accurate recommendations.

Personalization Engine

  • Automatically identify and target content topics for readers. Keep them engaged while constantly adapting your recommendations based on readers’ preferences.

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