Linked Data Integration for Global Publishers

How are you benefiting as a global publisher:

Increase authoring productivity

Enhance content authoring, editorial and delivery phases while maintaining your workflow.

Improved readers engagement

Deliver recommended content with changing interest while browsing through topics.

Create new revenue streams

Create new sales opportunities automatically with re-purposed and repackaged content.

With 32 teams, 8 groups and 776 individual players, managing the web site for FIFA World Cup in 2010 was a daunting task. Event though a global publisher there were too many pages and too few journalists to deliver content on demand.

After growing in part through acquisition, Euromoney found itself with 84 brands and more than 100 different publications. They turned to Ontotext for a solution that would help them easily reuse and repurpose content within and between the business units.

How It Works: Semantic  Publishing Workflow

Content creation using your own publishing workflow

Receive recommendation while authoring

Enhanced quality assurance tools

Semantically rich knowledge base

NOW is a free public service designed to show you the capabilities of semantic technology for publishing purposes. Test how your datasets can get enriched and annotated as a result providing rich digital content to users.

How Semantic Technology Helps Your Global Publishing:



Contextual Authoring

  • Provides suggested related texts, images and concepts which enhance the authoring process.
  • Reduces the time and costs of authoring and editing new content while leaving authors in control.

Personalization Engine

  • Generates personalized, recommended content based on reader behavior and background. Increases return readership. Enhances advertising effectiveness.

Automated Content Enrichment

  • Improves the quality of suggestions through editor feedback. Allows for continuous authoring without interruption.

Dynamic Topic Aggregation

  • Creates new revenue streams using repackaged and repurposed content. Better segment your readers with personalized news bundles.

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