Linked Data Integration for Personalized Learning

Ontotext Personalized Learning Helps You:

Create a fulfilling student experience

Automatically generate individually tailored content recommendations.

Lower the cost of content creation

Repurpose and reuse relevant content as you generate new offerings.

Increase Revenues

Cross sell new course recommendations to students on a continuous basis.

Ontotext Scientific Publishing helps publishers maximize content value by leveraging existing taxonomies,
thesauri and controlled vocabularies.

Enrich your knowledge assets and deliver content to readers across scientific disciplines. There is no need to change how you work.
Integration with your publishing workflows allows authors and editors to validate enriched content assets and intelligent recommendations. The system “self learns” as more content is provided . To meet the changing needs of readers, content enrichment works with our robust Personalization Engine to deliver relevant content to readers.

How It Works: A Typical Personalized Learning Workflow

Analyze Student or Trainee Needs and Achievements

All course content is analyzed and semantically enriched. This allows the content to be easily searched.

Personalization Engine

The enriched content is delivered to the Personalization Engine. The Personalization Engine processes the content and matches it to the user profiles. Instructors validate the recommendations and in so doing, train the Personalization Engine. It’s adaptive!

Recommend User-Tailored Resources

Students consume personalized content. Their behavior is used to update user profile and recommendations.


Contextual Authoring


  • Provides suggested related texts, images and concepts which enhance the authoring process.
  • Reduces the time and costs of authoring and editing new content while leaving authors in control.

Personalization Engine

  • Generates personalized, recommended content based on reader behavior and background. Increases return readership. Enhances advertising effectiveness.

Automated Content Enrichment

  • Improves the quality of suggestions through editor feedback. Allows for continuous authoring without interruption.

Dynamic Topic Aggregation

  • Creates new revenue streams using repackaged and repurposed content. Better segment your readers with personalized news bundles.

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